I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

Wow 0.0 December 31, 2009

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Before I leave to Kona, I would like to write something about this year (still 2009 here :/)… I know, everyone’s doing it! xD

I would just like to say that 2009 has been a bittersweet year (like all of the years before 0.0)… You make new friends and knit strong relationships with some of them and they all leave :/… Well, not all actually, but MOST left me =(…

It’s a milestone for me, being away from my parents for a year and a half now… I know some people have done more but shuddup… This is my blog *shoots you*

I really thank God that I’m still alive, and I thank God for all the wonderful people I’ve been with over the year.

Yeap, short post… HoN is calling me… Wheeeee!

I love all you people! Especially all the single ladies!

PS: Organic Chemistry made me hate the last quarter of 2009… Dang it!


Feel Like Burning the YARD! December 29, 2009

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What do you drink
What do you read
At breakfast
And I know who
You are

I don’t drink nor read nor even have breakfast 0.0 Dang it, I’m a nobody….

Cleaning time! Josh and I have been cleaning the house since the Tuckers left (*cries* they took Taylor Tot away *cries*)… Now we’re whacking the weed… Feel like starting some pyro show or something and light the whole lawn on fire! Gah!

I need to read more 0.0


Break Time! December 20, 2009

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Got done with finals three days ago. Got all of my results back except for Physics :/ My GPA has been ruined by multiple B’s and B+’s… But it’s okay… I thank the Lord for my results =).

Some chores to do: Clean my room, clean the toilet and shower area, wash the cooler, and grass cutting (hate it!)… Hopefully I’ll do some of those later today, like maybe washing the dam cooler… Gah!

Oh, before I forget… Congratulations to the Tuckers for graduating! Woohoo! I would also like to congratulate Ms. Gladys Tong Hoi Yee… She’s super smart… She completed her undergraduate degree program in two years and she’s only 18! Powerful… And sorry for being late yesterday, only heard the last part of your speech. I blame the rain.

The commencement here is super lame :/

Just watched The Hangover online. Not bad xD. Hate that asian guy though. He’s annoying… And the wedding band in that movie is the same wedding band in Old School! Haha!

Oh, I have to cut my finger nails too :/

I’ve been playing loads of HoN lately… I’m not good but I enjoy playing, whether winning or losing, it’s fine. Just have to get used to the items in HoN… Most of the time I’m not sure what I’m buying 0.0

Exercise, exercise, exercise!


Congratulations Seow Yuen Che Che! December 8, 2009

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Gosh, it’s been awhile since I’ve spelled your name, hope I got it right!

Anyways, congratulations to you and Mr. Matt! I would have attended your wedding ceremony but it’s two weeks to early!

Wish you both of you a good marriage and it’s time for popo to get some greatgrandkids… It would be awesome if you name one of your future son after me… Just suggesting…

Congratulations again!


Dang It!

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The one morning I plan to attend Physics class is when I sleep at 6am, two hours before the class starts. Dang it! Thank you, Zach, for trying to wake me up xD! I’ll be there, tomorrow, hopefully, maybe, maybe not… Hate it when I “plan” to attend Physics but I always don’t in the end! Gah! I love you, Dr. Purves, but 8am classes? No thank you xD!

Wow, I don’t have any motivation to study anymore. It’s like the power of winter break has overcome the power of finals week! This is bad, this is bad!

I attended Organic Chemistry class this morning and dang it, didn’t understand most of it. Need to catch up on my studying. I got a plan, 6 chapters tonight, 6 chapters tomorrow, and the rest on Wednesday. Then Marine Biology Ecology and Evolution on Thursday and Friday… Then Saturday and Sunday, Organic Chemistry again! I really hope Dr. Purves will be preparing a study guide for the finals xD! That would help, A LOT!

Hopefully there won’t be any Hawaiian Ohana finals. It’ll be on the last day of finals week and dang it, I don’t want to take anymore tests/exams in that class… Gah! Have group presentation tomorrow. Done with my slides and hopefully meeting with Sean and Victor will be quick. I have practice at 5:30pm… Last practice of the school year! Wheee!

Baby Taylor is so cute…


Not. Going. To. Enjoy. Next. Semester. December 4, 2009

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Life is bad, very bad. I hate school. I know not everything is easy in life but school is super difficult this year! Gah!

John Endriss has resigned as the BCM director. Hope he gets the job at Kaumana…

I will not be playing drums next semester for the BCM nor for church. I’m gonna focus more on my classes and hopefully do better in Organic Chemistry next semester than this semester.

I need to start studying for my finals. Don’t wanna fail anything.

I’ve been playing DotA lately with Josh. It’s fun xD.

I need a girlfriend. Anyone?

Wheee! Can’t wait for soccer tomorrow!

I need to do the dishes! After my nap xD.