I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

Muahahahaah! March 12, 2010

Filed under: General,School — ithinkishouldkillmyself @ 7:43 am

Ever since I started posting long long long blog entries, my viewers per day statistics has been increasing! Muahahahhaa! Thank you all you sexy people!

Someone invited me on Facebook to join a group called Women With Issues. Ummm, what?

Anyways, today was a good day. Woke up for work (yes, I skipped Physics, HAR!) and then attended my Physics Lab session. Thank God today’s lab was quick and easy! The calculations were also easy! Made my day so easy! Yes, lots of easy easy easy… >.<

I just remembered I have a stats homework due tomorrow. Crap. Guess what time is it? Nope, not stats homework time, it's HEROES time! Muahahaha!



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