I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

Growing Up. March 20, 2010

Filed under: General,School — ithinkishouldkillmyself @ 9:17 pm

What does GROWING UP mean to you? Getting a degree? Having a companion who you know IS the one for you? Being a more “mature” person?

Well, I wanna grow up so that I can get into the clubs in America, LEGALLY. Muahahah!

You guys were waiting for a serious post eh? Not gonna happen.

I’ve got this disease; I can’t put my thoughts and opinions into words :/ Wait, that just means I’m bad in English writing. Gah!

Why is the legal age to enter clubs and drink in the USA 21? If you’re already considered an adult at the age of 18 (when you are responsible for ALL of your actions) legally, don’t you think you can enter clubs and drink at the age of 18? Or is it the physical appearance that is the problem? Since 18 year olds still look like high school students?

Just a thought.

Are you ready to liberate your madness? OMG! I love that song. And oh, we are the pulse of the maggots.

I think I failed my Organic Chemistry test. I hope there will be a curve.

You know what my blog needs? hot womenPICTURES! I need a camera 0.0

Say it again, say it again, WE WON’T DIE!


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