I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

Hmmmm… April 9, 2010

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Alright, so making fun pages/groups on Facebook and getting people to join them is, fun 🙂 You know, you make a page of your favorite singer, make a page of your best friend, make a random page of fully random stuff… It’s fun and funny sometimes.

But HATE pages? You see, if you make a page that supports anti-smoking with the title saying “I Hate Smoking!”, that’s alright. But hating other people?

Someone invited me on Facebook (some random person, I should probably clean my buddy list) to join a hate group, an anti [certain] teacher page. I thought it was going to be a joke or something but it’s a real hate page.

Here’s a direct quote from a member from that page/group:

cibai marina…..marah aku BIADAP,TAK GUNA PUNYA BUDAK,KURANG AJAR,SYAITAN…..lu la syaitan…..lu lagi tak guna…PUKIMAK lu cakap kalau saya GAGAL MATHS,KAU NAK CUBIT aku ya??? lu mari cuba cubit la…saya tak HAMTAM lu,saya bukan TAN WEI PIN!! KAU PUNYA TOYOTA VIOS SANGAT CANTIK HOR??? NANTI AKU KASI TOYOTA VIOS JADI KERETA LEMBU….KAMU BERAT,DUDK LEMBU,LEMBU PUN MATI……LAO CHA BO=LAO CU NU=LAO JI BAI sudah mau mati tak ada anak,tak ada suami….. lao cha bo….lao cu nu……lao ji bai…..busuk punya ji bai….tak da orang mau kongket=FCUK dengan u….kesian betul….gemuk macam pukimak….. jalan dari bilik guru ke kelas aku= 5v1 pun mau guna 1jam…..pergi mati baik la….syaitan…..tak guna punya PUA JI BAI!!! PUIK!!! PUKITAI LU PUNYA BAPA!

Yeap, that’s broken Bahasa Malaysia at it’s best! Actually a broken cinapek (chinese geeky guys) version of Bahasa Malaysia.

So basically what that guy is trying to say is that, he’s pissed that the teacher always scolds him and calls him names. And then loads and loads of Hokkien cuss words. And he is threatening to “change her Toyota Vios car into a cow-driven cart (or whatever you call it”… And more cussing.

All I can say is that, these students are so naive! That teacher that they HATE is actually one of the good teachers in my secondary school. She’s funny, and she teaches really well! She can be obnoxious sometimes when she teases students but that wasn’t a problem for me and my friends when she was teaching us Math.

Why create a hate page? Just confront her. If her jokes and teasing are too much to handle, then let her know. Don’t have to create a hate page :/

And oh, I know my written English isn’t perfect but you just gotta laugh at the group/page description:

A Teacher that most of the 4v2 hate and She a math teacher who called his student to take note so tat u can improve ur math

So the teacher is a woman. And the 4v2 is just the name of the class the admin is probably in. Ain’t that funny? 😀 Looks like they not only need to start taking notes during the Math class, but also during the English class.


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