I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

I Has Craving! May 31, 2010

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Oh! I’m craving for something that I could get in Hilo but won’t taste as good as the ones I can get here in Malaysia… Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about chicken satay! But I don’t want the normal chicken and beef satay… I want some bunny rabbit satay! YES FOOLS, you read that RIGHT… BUNNY RABBIT SATAY! Never tried bunny rabbit meat before so, I can’t wait.

Watching The Legend of Zorro on AXN now. It’s the sequel to The Mask of Zorro. Like most of the hero/superhero movie sequels, it’s always about how the hero/superhero is adjusting to his/her new life and the people that know their real identity. It’s super cliche. I remember watching this movie with some of my secondary school classmates. Good times! Catherine Zeta-Jones is soooooooo hot!

Mopped the house today. I remember last time before I went to Hilo, I hate to mop my parents’ room because you know, women’s hair fall quite often and mopping a floor with these long strands of hair can be a pain in the butt. Now I hate mopping both my parents’ and MY room. You know, my long hair drops as well. Gah!

What to eat, what to eat? Chicken rice, chicken rice. Where to eat, where to eat? The Chicken Rice Shop! I’ve never been there though. Don’t plan to anyways.

Need some HoN!


AC’s on. May 27, 2010

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Muahahaha! Switched on the AC in my room! Wheee!

Watched the LOST series finale earlier today. *yawns*

Watching Day 8 24 finale now. Wheee! President Taylor, you’re gonna die!

Brother’s coming back for the weekend this weekend.


Hot. May 25, 2010

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It’s crazy! I finally switched on my AC in my room for the first time since I came back last night. Even with the AC on for about an hour before I went in my room, it was still hot! Sheesh!

So yeah, I take a shower, I dry myself, just to walk out from the shower sweating again. Annoying!

Had a fun-filled night last night with Han, Kenneth, Brian, Alex, and David. Food on banana leaf… Yummy.

Then we head on to a cyber cafe to play some Counter-Strike! Dammit, Han… You’re good!


So… Yeah… May 23, 2010

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Reached KL last Wednesday. I remember people asking me whether I was experiencing culture shock when I first landed in Hilo, Hawaii two years ago and I kept answering no. Guess what? I experienced that when I came BACK to Malaysia! I was like, HOLY SHIT, PEOPLE IN MALAYSIA CAN BE SUCH PRICKS! And yes. I used the word SHIT because I can. No more “I’m gonna poop right now”… It’s “I’m gonna take a SHIT”… OH JYEAH!!!


Hate the reckless drivers here. They should die. Cinapeks (Chinamen – Malaysian Chinese men) who open char siew pau (manapua) stall at bus stands in the evening should die too. I’m sorry, that’s just plain irritating and dangerous when the owner of the stall crosses the busy street.

Why the heck is Malaysia so frigging hot?! It is crazy! I think my sperm count is dropping! Hmmm. Should probably check… Ladies! Maybe I should turn on my AC unit… Haven’t done that yet though. I figured I’ll be using a lot of my parents’ money so not using the AC unit might help them to NOT spend more on me. Wheee. But it’s killing me; and my PROGENY!


Playing Heroes of Newerth using TMNet’s Streamyx is a killer! Ruined my stats! Now people are kicking me from games because of my bad game stats! Gah!

I’m bored but sleepy at the same time. Crap. Should probably play some Heroes of Newerth.

HAR! You thought I was gonna say that I should probably go to bed but NO, you’re WRONG! Muahahahha!

I guess I’ll go to bed now :/


Steak and Onions May 13, 2010

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Oooo. Love the steak and onions in Kens. Might be my second favorite dish from Kens. What’s my most favorite (yes, MOST FAVORITE) dish from Kens? Paniolo burger! Delicious! With bacon and onion rings! AWESOME!

Okay, enough of food!

Remember I wrote something on my blog about my Organic Chemistry being the most difficult exam ever? I think I might be a little bit wrong with that statement. Physics finals was CRAP! BULLCRAP! Well, I don’t think it was that difficult. It’s just me I guess. I wasn’t ready for it AT ALL! I don’t even go to class :/ Will be happy with a B 🙂

Got my first C ever in my college career. Can’t believe I’m saying this but, I’m happy I got a C in Organic Chemistry. I asked for a B- but my professor didn’t want to give me that grade. Well, whatever! Thank God!

Heroes of Newerth went retail this afternoon. Loving it.

Shouldn’t have brought up steak and onions. I’m hungry now.

Oh, I want some orange juice! Argh!



Weird Dreams 0.0 May 11, 2010

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I’ve been having some pretty weird dreams lately. It’s always the same general “idea” where I’m not ready for my SPM (some major public exam in Malaysia) at all. The weird part is that my friends here in the US are IN those dreams and I always wake up in PANIC! I hope it isn’t the “supplements” I’ve been taking to “feel good”.I find it funny now :).

And oh, I’ve been having calf crams while I’m asleep 0.0 Three nights ago it was my right calf, two nights ago it was my left calf. I remember Kunzang calling me around 3:50am. I woke up in PAIN and answered her call. Haha! I remember going like “arrgghhhhh… hi…. arrggghhhh…” Hmmm.

Aquaculture today at 4:10PM till 6:10PM. I hope today’s exam won’t take that long and it’ll be easy. I’m confident that I can get an A in this class but there’s no reason to slack now! Oh wait, already did :/

Tomorrow’s going to be a killer! Physics in the morning and Stats two hours after that. Both are open book exams but Physics is going to hurt my brain! I remember last semester in the first semester of Physics, we just got done with out third “mid term”, and my head literally hurt after that. I thought it was just an expression. You know, “you’re making my brain hurt because of this mathematics”, guess it really does exist. I’ll be happy to get away with a B in this class. Attended like maybe 10 classes this semester. I think those 10 classes include the three “mid terms”. Hey, I hate Physics.

After my finals, I’m going to clean my frigging room. Maybe clean the upstairs living room as well. Wheee!



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I think I’ve already posted something about internet trolls. Just gonna emphasize again, that these trolls SUCK! I hate them. I bet they’re nice people in real life (hopefully) but they’re just really really nasty internet bullies.

Do not buy anything from S2 Games. Never trust them, at all. Heroes of Newerth is probably going to burn and fall to the ground after going retail because of their ignorance in handling customer service.

Anyways, had the WORST exam ever in my life. Even Bahasa Malaysia Penulisan (Bahasa Malaysia Comprehension) can be considered as child’s play compared to the Organic Chemistry final I took this morning. It was just crappy! I hope I pass it! I’m aiming for a B in Organic Chemistry but if I get a C as my final grade, I’ll be happy. I need at LEAST a C!

Multitasking right now. Studying for my Aquaculture exam tomorrow while watching King of Queens while writing a post on this blog. Whee! Does anyone still read my blog?

I’m so ready for summer. All I want is to get done with my finals and to enjoy the holidays which is in 2 days.

I need to own some noobs and trolls on Heroes of Newerth.