I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

I’m an Audioslave. June 28, 2010

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Actually not that much. I get irritated sometimes by certain sounds… Example, the weed whacker >.<

Planning to jam with Reinchez and Boon Hau this Wednesday. Woot woot! Gonna play some Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave songs. I just found out that the drummer and the guitarist are the same people in both bands. >.<

Caveman is growing up. I’m excited for him! Bet he’ll have a good time!

Went out yesterday night (Monday) to go have some seafood with Caveman, Bernie, Ah Boon, and Reinchez. Ms. Jac Jac has exams later today, so she couldn’t join us. Loser. Then we went to watch Ironman 2 (my fourth or fifth time >.<) in MBO @ Harbour Place. I went there on Sunday with p(imp)L[ank] to watch Toy Story 3 too. Super cold place. I’m kinda upset that they cut the credits short during Ironman 2. Couldn’t watch the Thor teaser. Nothing special anyways.

Again, I went to MBO with the wrong people >.<

Need to eat less >.< Malaysian food is killing me slowly. Oh, my laziness is too. Ish!

I’ll wait for you there, like a stone *guitar solo*


Good times, good times…

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Life is so boring at home in Malaysia but when I do get out from my house, most of the time I enjoy myself 🙂

Had Cherylyn’s farewell gathering last Friday night. Of all places, we went to Jeth Cafe. Sorry Cherylyn, it’s a bad choice (location wise). <KennethGan>No refills on Chinese tea?!</KennethGan>. Expensive and bad food. Anyways, I had loads and loads of fun just sitting down and hanging out with a bunch of my secondary schoolmates. But it was getting annoying when we split up into different cliques. There was the Seenamon clique. Then the I-love-gay-Korean-boy-bands clique. Then there was me with Kenneth just speaking about some random crap. It was all good though. Stupid “No Name” mamak in Bukit Tinggi only has a tiny little TV to watch the match between Brazil and Portugal. Nothing fancy though. The parts that we were paying attention to was uber boring.

After mamak I went to Kenneth’s place to look for a football. Funny how the next day a bunch of people and I are gonna be playing football WITHOUT a football! Nobody had one! So I went to Kenneth’s place to try to search for the football (yes, Kenneth has a ball and the rest of us don’t……………..). We didn’t find the ball and thank God Hamdan replied my text at the end of the text that he has a football. I kinda broke Kenneth’s store room door closing mechanism (plastic bulb >.<) and tried to super glue it back. Instead, the glue just flowed out from the tube onto my fingers and the bulb. My fingers were stuck together and my thumb was on the plastic bulb. I hate to pull the bulb from my thumb. My DNA is now on that bulb >.<

Woke up at an ungodly hour the next day. Yes, at 7 frigging AM! Who wakes up that early these days?! Bet you pansies do! Had a fun time playing football/soccer/foosball/whatever you wanna call it >.< I got tired super quick. Bet it’s the awesome Malaysian foods making me weaker and flabbier.

I’m excited for Cherylyn, Caveman, and Han Ern. I wish them all the best in their future undertakings (is that the right phrase?) and Caveman, please don’t make any Iban girls pregnant while you’re in Sarawak!

Date, anyone?

Oh, I confirmed my tickets to Taipei on the 16th of July and to Seoul on the 19th of July. Woot woot! Can’t wait!



Wheeee! June 25, 2010

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I’m excited for my last two school years in University of Hawaii at Hilo (UHH). In fact, I’m already feeling excited and I really want to graduate already. I miss my friends in Hilo. I miss my housemates. I miss Taylor too. But crap, he’s in California. Sheesh!

Some goals for my last two school years. I really want to get involve in some Marine Science events. Maybe go on another Monk Seal Count event, some cetacean/turtle stranding training. Wheeee, excited! OH, maybe a Marine Option Program (MOP) project!

Went to church last night to watch the Paradise Band (praise team from Australia) with Jian Chong. They came late. Sucks that things never go according to plan. Their flight first got delayed, then canceled, then caught a later flight to KLIA.

Wheeeee…. Football tomorrow morning… Muahaha!


Last night…. June 22, 2010

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… Was awesome. One of the nights where you’ll remember forever in your life.

I’ve never really appreciated my secondary school friends this much in my life till last night. I mean, I’ve always thank the Lord for the awesome company and the fellowship we have with each other. But last night just made me appreciate them more. In fact, I’m honoured to be part of their lives!

Went out yesterday with Kenneth and Cherylyn for lunch. I decided to go to BBQ Plaza since I haven’t been there before. Not a very good first experience. We tried the new (I think it’s new) tom yam package. The tom yam soup was horrible in the beginning. It tasted better when we were cooking stuff in it but just a tiny bit better. I don’t think I’ll ever suggest or go to that place anymore unless someone wants to spend me.

After lunch, we walked around Aeon Jusco and then made our way to Brendan’s place. We didn’t actually have a plan at all of what we were going to do. So we just called Brendan since I’ve not seen him yet since I came back. Good to see Brendan again. He was kinda busy though but I was just happy finally getting to meet him!

Then came back to my place just to play some drums and skip some rope and get ready for dinner. Well, at least I was getting ready for dinner, some had dinner already. Kenneth, Cherylyn, Brendan, Kavi (aka Caveman), Boon Hau (aka Ah Boon), and Jacklyn (aka Jac Jac). We went to Govinds (I think that’s how you spell it) since I never been there before last night. It’s a northern Indian restaurant. Very cozy and clean and a great place to catch up with your old buddies. Had some mutton briyani (google that and salivate). It was awesome!

We talked about our futures and reminisced about our secondary schooling days. Then we talked about Reinchez, a friend who almost all of us (us as in all my former secondary school classmates) didn’t know what happened to him for almost two years! We couldn’t keep in touch and nobody has heard about him at all, for TWO FRIGGING YEARS! Some of us at the table had tried to visit him a few times but never got the chance to see him. Even calling him on his cell didn’t work! So I decided (yeap, I call the shots, minions!) to just go to his place because if he’s not there, at least I can talk to his dad who I’ve known since I was a child since his dad worked with my dad like 10-15 years ago and ask what’s going on with his son!

We reached Reinchez’s place and there weren’t anyone at home. I tried calling my dad to give me Reinchez’s dad’s number but my dad wasn’t picking up. So we just hung out a little while more outside the house. Thank God the whole family came home like 5-10 minutes later. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we finally met Reinchez! He has a beard now, both ears pierced, and looking like a rocker. Oh, and he has some mean equipment. We’ll go jamming!

Bernie came to Reinchez’s place also and woot, happy to see him too! Bro, you’re FAT again. What happened?! Haha!

The only way to sum up the whole day yesterday is that it was an awesome and blessed day to be with these awesome and (sic) beings.

Soon most of these friends are going off to other states to further their studies. I bet the next time I come back to Malaysia, mini reunions like yesterday are gonna be ten times the awesomeness!

Thank God for awesome friends.

And oh, look into my brand new eye.


I’m BACK! June 21, 2010

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Yeap, things didn’t work out in Penang. Partly my fault but I did emphasize on the amount of time I’ll be in Penang >.< Ish! Didn’t do much in Penang. The first three days spent in the lab kinda sucked because all I did was stare at my screen. And I couldn’t play Heroes of Newerth to kill my boredom! They blocked the game! Aiks!

If you’re wondering why I cut short my trip to Penang it’s because if I wanna waste time, I’d rather do it in Klang.

Thank God for my new Iranian friend, Reza.

Whatever, least I got some contacts from some awesome people.

So what am I gonna do now? Hmmm.

I found a book on Francis of Assisi. Reading it now. I’ve been headbanging all I want.

Dad bought some sweet Jackie Chan movies. Yummy. He wanted to watch the A-Team yesterday for Father’s Day but didn’t make it on time! The newspaper listing wasn’t the same as the one on the website. Ish!

I’m gonna book the tickets to Taipei and Seoul now. Can’t wait for my trip to those places. And I’m finally gonna see Paul again after a year a part…  Yay!

I wanna play football. Why do people want to play futsal?! Doesn’t make much sense.


P to the G! June 13, 2010

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PiG >.< Yeap… Penang kills you slowly, ladies and gentlemen! It’s like the most beautiful way to commit suicide!

Okay, just kidding… Committing suicide isn’t pretty at all.

Left my house at 3:30AM yesterday morning and reached here around 8:30AM… I woke up just to end up in this huge ass food court. It was like food-that-can-kill-you-because-you-will-eating-a-lot-due-to-the-deliciousness-of-the-food heaven! Penang Char Kuey Teow was the bomb! Sorry to all Muslims but I love my char kuey teow NON-HALAL! Awesome stuff!

Then had lunch later at 12PM. We had this awesome briyani rice. Forgot where we got it at because when you’re eating in Penang and if you’re like me, location doesn’t not matter. It was the bomb. Before that we went to have some Penang Laksa (which is actually asam laksa in other places in Malaysia) and that too was the bomb!

Then dinner at like 9PM. Why so late you ask? My parents and I only checked into the hotel at 3:30PM… So we just decided to rest because we’re tired… And so that we can eat more at night >.< Haha!  We tried going to Gurney Drive but decided it was a bad idea because there weren’t any spots to park the car. So we went to a different place filled with hawker stalls. Had more food. And they were awesome. Except for the oyster omelet. Hate oyster… The after taste… yuck!

Anything that happened between meals are not important because it’s Penang! Well, least for me.

I’m both worried and excited now. Woot woot! Three weeks of doing…. Something…. Yeah…. Something…. >.<

I need a book.


What should I do?! June 10, 2010

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I’m enjoying my not-worrying-about-ochem-and-physics time. It’s awesome so far. But it can get really really boring sometimes. Wait, all the time now >.< I know I have Penang to look forward to but what happens after that and what happens in these couple of days and what should I've been doing to kill time?!

Read. Yeap. I'm serious. I should probably go buy a book to read (or place a thin book under my double bass pedal to rest on a flat surface). Never too late to start reading!

I've been playing some Heroes of Newerth (nothing surprising) and I keep losing. I'm pretty sure it's the internet service provider here (our famous Streamyx by TMNet). I keep getting random spikes and lags. I need to win some games! Gah!

Why did I start listening to Avenged Sevenfold AFTER The Rev died? Sigh.