I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

Pictures?! July 11, 2010

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Haven’t updated my blog in awhile. For those who don’t care about these posts, it’s okay 🙂 But if there are any followers at all, I wub all of you 🙂

So what’s new with me you ask (if you didn’t, just play along)? Well, I drove on my own a couple of times already! Yeap, my parents are afraid of me driving alone and an inexperienced driver on these brutal Malaysian roads. I’m so glad and happy for them to trust and (limited :/) allow me to drive on my own. Wheee! Yay for them, and for me too. Muahahahaha!

I’ve been getting pretty worked up about the social problems happening in Malaysia. Fellow Malaysians, stop blamming the “Western culture” and start taking actions to decrease or prevent all these young Malaysian children/teenagers from “trying out” sex! Here, here, and here. Read and weep. Malaysia is full of sick minded people and pedophiles. Gah!

My cousins finally passed me the pictures from a couple of family gatherings (one of my cousins’ wedding and grandma’s birthday) and they are FINALLY uploaded on Facebook! It took me (with Carmen’s help) less than 10 minutes to upload pictures about 1-2 months old onto Facebook for family members to access them! Now, maybe some other “old” pictures from last year’s wedding and this year’s Chinese New Year?

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Yong’s Wedding Day
Me :O
Me :O
My dad :/
My dad :/
Joanne, Joslyn, Me
Joanne, Joslyn, and I.

For those who has never seen my brother before, he’s on the left with my cousin, Victor.

I’m forgot what their names are. From left: Jeff, (insert name), and Daniel? Cheeks abused 🙂

My cousin Eric Yong and his new wife, Suleen. Congrats :D:D:D

Bride and groom with my parents.

“Old” people going crazy with the bride and groom.

The young people, “young” people, and the awesome Jonathan going crazy.


Grandma’s 81st Birthday

The Oldies.

The Youngins and the awesome Jonathan. Muahahahaha!

Grandparents 🙂


Caveman left for Kuching. Cherylyn left for Penang. Han Ern left for Australia, and Seng Aun left for South Africa. AIKS! Have fun people!

I played futsal with some friends for Seng Aun’s farewell 🙂

I went to Sunway Lagoon with Ah Boon and Kenneth 🙂

I finally caught a game of World Cup with my cousins this early morning. We were loud :). Sad though that Uruguay didn’t beat Germany. Their goalkeeper sucks and Suarez couldn’t finish so many simple chances. Sigh. So sad for Forlan’s last minute free kick deny by the post 😦 I feelz your painzzzz!

Smile 🙂


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