I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

Stuck it… August 26, 2010

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… In the wrong hole! Haha! This guy is funny!

“I’m not a Sodomite!”


I’m freaking out! August 24, 2010

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First day of school today. OMG, I’m freaking out! I only had two classes today and not to mention again it’s only the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL  :/

I had Quantitative Analysis and Marine Science Coastal Methods earlier today. I went to Quantitative Analysis this morning and I think it’s going to be exactly like Organic Chemistry in terms of time consumption outside of class.

We’ll be taking five frigging mid terms plus there are assignments to pass up. The worst part of it all is the standardize exam by the American Chemistry Society (ACS) as out final exam. This is so crappy! I took an ACS exam once (last semester for Organic Chemistry) and I’m NOT looking forward for this class’ final exam. And the lab is going to be so difficult! We have to write two frigging lab reports! Wow, I’m definitely NOT ready for this class! Also, my professor won’t accept late assignments. Not to say that I pass up my assignments late all the time but what if I forget to bring my assignment along with me or something like that? He won’t even deduct a certain percentage off the assignment points. If late, he doesn’t care. Gah! As soon as I heard all of these things (plus other intimidating crap on the syllabus), I even considered DROPPING this class and STOP pursuing my Chemistry minor. But I guess I’ll just try my best, put a lot of effort into this class, and get a good grade! Come on Jon, you can do it!

Coastal methods sounds interesting. I know it’s going to be time consuming but I think it’ll be fun. You’re learning about FIELD WORK and there are outings almost every week! I think the writing part of the class is going to be troublesome but it’ll definitely help me in the future.

Second day of classes tomorrow, I’m not looking forward to school anymore.

CSI, yo!

That guy from CSI carrying out some analytical chemistry.



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I watched Predators last night with Josh at the dollar (and 75cents :/) theater. This is my first Predators (Alien VS Predator does not count) movie and it was kinda crappy. I was expecting more action but all I got was Last Airbender action. Yes, that means bad. There was more action in Salt than in this crappy movie.

I am not a movie critic and I know that my criticisms do nothing. This is just my opinion. I watch movies to be entertained. Isn’t that the main purpose of watching a movie, to be entertained? Unless you are a movie critic, then that is a different story. Haha!


Doesn't this Predator look B-A? Nuh-uh, more like U-G-L-Y! Google Image.

Cheesy lines, mediocre Predators movie storyline, super bad CGI, unneeded scenes, filler character, it was just bad in my opinion. But I did enjoy it though. I enjoyed making a list a of people dying and who would survive in the end. I even had a sequence. Gosh I was close!

“Now lets get off this f**king place!”

I think that is the cheesiest closing line I have ever heard in a movie! Haha!



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Just wondering; how many people who reads my blog/Facebook Notes watch Make It or Break It the TV show on ABC? I think I have written something about this show before.

I hate how the drama in this show has been exaggerated a lot. Something like Glee. Dramas like these (or in any TV show) do not usually happen in real life. Ummm, at least in my life.

Lauren in Make It or Break It

The blond female character, Lauren, one of the main characters in Make It or Break It

I also hate how these TV shows are STILL stereotyping people. For example, the girl in the picture above. The character she plays is a stuck up female dog. The character gets on my nerves every time I watch an episode. I know it sounds funny that I’m ranting about a fictional character but you do not know how Lauren treats her “friends”! xD

I think Chelsea Hobbs is pretty :)! She plays the character Emily Kmetko in Make It or Break It.

Emily Kmetko!

Ain't she pretty? 🙂



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I hate Blogger. I can’t believe how difficult it is to compose an Entry using that blogging software. It’s just dumb.

For those of you who would suggest using the HTML version on posting a blog entry, no thank you. I just thought that the Visual version of posting would make things easier. Not the case when you’re using Blogger. Eeewwww.

Haha. Found this on Google Image.

Woot woot! WordPress FTW!


Manchester United! August 17, 2010

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Oh jyeah! Watched my first Manchester United EPL match earlier in the morning after two years!

To be honest, the team we have now is super boring. Only a few competent players on the field and both 22 players play some really boring football! But I guess that’s EPL! I watched the Liverfool against Arse-anal match the night before. And gosh it was horrible! Makes me sleepy!

I guess it’s time to switch to the Spanish Liga or Seria A for some good football!


Is this how it feels? August 15, 2010

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Is this how it feels before you die?

I’m having some weird mix of feelings and emotions.

No, I’m not a girl who’s having her period now. I’m a guy with long and fluffy hair. To those who are calling me a girl, I erect my third fingers to you!

Anyways, these weird mix feelings. It’s getting very annoying. I also feel like I’m dying, like I’ll be dead soon.

Or am I confusing these feelings for the fear of being homesick in three days time?

Whatever happens, I hope I’m worthy in His eyes.