I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

3 MONTHS, ALREADY?! August 9, 2010

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I remember how I felt the night before I left Hilo for Malaysia three months ago. Bjornen was away with his family and Amanda in Kona to celebrate his graduation, Daniel Berke was probably on the mountain, and Josh was having an impromptu steak dinner with me, Sean, and Kim. I enjoyed that dinner but it was masked by the excitement and me being worried of the flight I would be taking in 12 hours time. I didn’t even sleep properly. I didn’t even play HoN till the break of dawn like how I would spend the first week of summer break. I was just lying on my bed and wondering, what was waiting for me in Malaysia after two school years?

My parents came to pick me up from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I was happy, and they were happy. My mother’s first words were “Wah (wow), so fat already! Double your size!”

Experienced traffic after a long long long time and reckless drivers.

Tasted Nasi Lemak (the best food in the world!) after almost two years! I spent my RM10 that I brought along with me to Hilo. No chicken rendang then though :/

Experienced culture shock for the first time in my life! Funny eh? I experienced culture shock in my OWN country!

Coming out from the bathroom after a good shower sweating.

Setting up my drumset and playing it to “announce” my arrival to the neighbourhood.

Getting a cellphone number so that I can communicate with my friends here. And oh, to get in touch with this girl. You see, I have this book for her and I liked her. But rejected it. So I guess I’ll be keeping the book for myself.

Watching TV on a REAL TV set 0.0

Seeing my brother after a long long time. His first words to me when he saw me in the airport when we went to pick him up a week after I arrived were “Eh, you look like Jesus…”

Played field football (soccer) with my Malaysian friends!

Planned my first solo vacation trip to Taipei and South Korea. Thank you, koko (brother)!

Experienced Malaysian university as an undergraduate undergoing their practical training in a week. Worst week in this summer break. All the misunderstanding and lack of information I had to go through isn’t fun! Met a couple nice people on the trip though. Others were meh!

Withdrew some money from my Malaysian bank account for the first time in my life to spend it in Taipei and South Korea.

Bonded with friends that I don’t usually bond with.

Started to have a problem with Malaysia. All the lies you see in some of the tourism advertisements make me puke. Rethinking about my future on whether I wanna return to Malaysia and work or not.

Reconnected with awesome friends!

Said bye to two friends who left the state to carry out their undergraduate studies in other states.

Said bye to a very good friend who left Malaysia to carry out his undergraduate studies in Australia.

Stopped playing Heroes of Newerth because Malaysia got restricted to connect to their servers. I cried that day.

Played futsal (indoor soccer) for the first time after a long long time!

Went on my solo vacation for the first time in my life! Taipei was awesome! The food and the nice people made my trip memorable! Watched my first movie in Taipei (Inception). South Korea was awesome too! I met Paul for the first time after a year! I missed him, and miss him still! Met a UHManoa student in South Korea who attend the BCM. Went on rollercoaster rides with Paul. Slept on a bed with Paul xD. Got sick for the first time in South Korea. Took pictures using a DSLR camera, thank you pL. Watched my first movie in South Korea (Inception).


Watched the worst movie in the world; The Last Airbender by M. Night Shyamalan. I hate him. He sucks.

Went to the movies more than 10 times in three months in Malaysia, that’s a new record for me!

Had caramel popcorn after two years! I’m sorry people, the original salted popcorn is poop compared to the awesome caramel popcorn served in the Malaysian theaters.

Played drums in a worship band after 3-4 months. If only Joel Gan and Lee Han Ern was also in the worship band.

Going to a mall at 10pm after a long long time! There are actually places to go to hang out here in the Malaysia late at night! Hilo has too. But usually involves places that I’d to get wet (jumping off towers into the water, spear fishing, snorkeling).

Listened to Justin Bieber for the first time in my life! Yes, in Malaysia. He’s overplayed here. The songs played on Malaysia’s “hottest” radio station, Hitz.FM sucks now.

A week and a day left before I leave for Hilo. I’m excited. Little bit nervous. Hoping for a good school year.


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