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Unneeded Drama(s). September 3, 2010

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Disclaimer: Wall of TEXT! There will be a tl;dr (Too long; didn’t read) summary at the end of this post. Read entire post to understand how I feel.

Is that even a word? “Dramas”? Oh wait, no squiggly red lines! Muahahaha!

I’ve decided to stop importing feeds from this blog on my Facebook profile. Don’t want any unneeded dramas about the things I’m going to say in my blog.

Okay, before I continue, I just wanna emphasize again that I don’t care what you think of me. Say whatever you want about me, whether I’m whining or ranting or anything. I don’t give a crap on how you think of me.

I’m taking this Marine Science class called Coastal Methods this semester. So in this class, we’ll be learning a lot on the methodologies on field work and how to write decent scientific research papers plus to present findings and inferences from whatever research projects one has in mind. Sounds like a cool class right? Well, it turned out to be a nightmare yesterday!

We (as a class) went out last week (on Wednesday) to collect data for our first presentation. Simple data collection, nothing special. We went to two sites, one from a freshwater environment and the other from a marine environment. At each site there were five stations (since there are five groups in this class) collecting three samples for each parameters that were listed on a table provided by our two professors. And each group has two collect the data from two different stations at each site.

Since this is a scientific research class, we’ll be dealing with biostatistics throughout the semester. So, every group has to average out the three samples for each parameter. Makes sense right?

After getting our data, the class had to create this master-spreadsheet so that every group in the class has every other groups’ data so that we can compare the parameters between the two sites. The obstacle now after collecting all the data is to compile everything into a master-spreadsheet.  Don’t fall asleep yet, the best part coming soon!

Three days ago (Monday), we (as a class) were supposed to decide on a way to compile the data. Since nobody said anything, Sean and I wanted to try out the Google Documents feature (which was suggested by one of my professors a week ago). Have you heard about this “new” feature by Google?

Google Docs Interface. Google Image.

This feature lets you create office files (like word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Power Points, and etc.) online. You can also upload any document files on Google Docs and share it with anyone you want to share with. But the best part of all about this feature is that, it allows multiple users to edit the shared documents! Isn’t that cool?! Instead of sending your Excel spreadsheet to the class and receiving four other spreadsheets from the other groups to compile your own master-spreadsheet, we can just update ONE spreadsheet that is available to EVERY GROUP.

I know trying out new stuff can be really frustrating, so Sean and I decided to create five Google accounts and send the login informations to respective group leaders. I also created a master-spreadsheet online, with headers and metadata, and shared it with the other five Google accounts. So all the group leaders had to do was to key in their averages and voila! Every group can then access the master-spreadsheet to be used for statistical analysis for our presentation which is due next Monday.

That’s in an IDEAL situation. In REALITY, nobody bothered to even log into their Google accounts to check out Google Docs, except one leader but he/she gave up on “trying” to use the super simple Google feature. The worst part is when on Tuesday night, at around 10pm-ish, I received and email from this girl from my methods class. Along with that email was an attached spreadsheet with three groups worth of data, IN THE WRONG FORM! Nobody from these three groups bothered to even calculate the averages.

Guess what I did? I calculated the averages for them and included into the master-spreadsheet on Google docs. I even color-coded the rows so that whoever who can access the file will be able to differentiate their own data from other groups’ data. Took me around an hour to do that. Plus I also downloaded the master-spreadsheet from Google Docs and emailed it to the whole class. Oh wait, fearing that students won’t check their email the next day, I attached it on the discussion board of my class’ workspace online so that hopefully, someone would check it and download it and take a look at the master-spreadsheet before class starts. I did all of these so that we could hopefully complete our statistical tests and get out from class early.

Oh wait, nobody bothered to do anything. In fact, as soon as this girl went on Google Docs and viewed the master-spreadsheet on her PUNY netbook, she said she already hated it because the spreadsheet looks so small. Oh my. That’s not all. She went on bitching about the colors being unorganized and distracting (there were only two colors used on eight rows since I only knew that the data from these rows were from my and another group).

The drama doesn’t stop there! When we dispersed into the PC lab at the Marine Science building, my group decided to remain in the wet lab because the PC lab was too crowded. I downloaded the master-spreadsheet from my email, opened up Minitab (a stats software), and placed the master-spreadsheet into that program. I had some problem though. Some programs can’t read certain characters at certain places (like the headers) so I tweaked the master-spreadsheet a little bit, then copied and pasted into Minitab. I ran around four statistical tests using Minitab on the data from parameters that my group originally wanted to test on (we decided to abandon that test xD). Did all of these things in about 15 minutes.

While my group were discussing about these stats results, Sean was “summoned” to the PC Lab to “answer” some “master-spreadsheet” related questions. My group were discussing for about 10-15 minutes already when Sean came back to the wet lab and asked me to go explain the master-spreadsheet to my “fellow” classmates.

I went to the PC lab, and all I heard were whining and complains. “Jonathan, REMOVE THE COLORS, IT’S SO DISTRACTING!” said the girl who was bitching earlier. She and her group members were also complaining about a typo I made on their group name. Then my professor said this really stupid thing: “The PROBLEM now is that it’s three o’clock and nobody has data to run their statistical tests and that the DATA GUYS are in another room.” And oh, the dumbest question was something like “WHERE DID MY GROUP’S DATA GO?!”

My face went WTF 0.0

Yeap, something like that. Google Image.

So yeah, everyone were getting frustrated because “time is running out and that they didn’t UNDERSTAND the master-spreadsheet”. Instead of sitting down and TRYING to figure out the spreadsheet in the first place (like what me and my group members did), everyone, including that dumbass professor who referred to Sean and me as the “DATAGUYS”, was just blaming both of us.

Then that dumbass professor asked me to use the computer at the front part of the PC lab with the projector to “explain” the master-spreadsheet. After opening the master-spreadsheet, I  explained that all of the data from every group are already in the spreadsheet. I even said that I calculated the averages for the three groups and included that into the spreadsheet.

There’s this guy in my class who defines the phrase “dumb jock”. Buff body, small brains, and never thinks before he speaks. He stood up and was literally YELLING at me. Actually most students were yelling at me too! “Oh, Minitab won’t accept that spreadsheet because it won’t read the # symbol!” “You should have done that!” “You should have done this!”

All I heard were complains, whining, and SUGGESTIONS (which what everyone FAILED to do on Monday). I was standing in front of class, feeling really confused at the moment since to me, what they needed, which were the data from both sites, were in that master-spreadsheet. I didn’t understand why these fools were yelling at me and getting upset :/

“Thankfully”, this girl (who is in the same group as the girl who was bitching) came up to “assist” me. She came up as cool as a cucumber and started telling me what to edit. In five minutes, she removed the colored rows which people found them to be unorganized, ugly, and distracting, she cut and pasted the metadata onto a second sheet, she removed the # symbols, added a column to specify which data belonged to which group, and separated the station number from my first column which was originally formatted to be Site 1 (Station #). In about two minutes, I managed to transfer a copy of the spreadsheet onto a flash-drive and mass email it to the whole class. The drama subsided.

So instead of doing what my helpful female classmate has done to the master-spreadsheet which Minitab can now read properly, the WHOLE class were being frustrated. All editing done by my classmate was on the cosmetics of the master-spreadsheet. THE DATA WERE ALL UNDER THE CORRECT HEADINGS AND WERE CONVERTED INTO CORRECT UNITS. She didn’t edit the data, at all. All these editing took about FIVE FRIGGING MINUTES! One hour of constant whining, complains, frustration, unneeded drama was gone after five minutes of editing.

Some students even tried to create a whole new master-spreadsheet while people were yelling at me. All I saw was disappointment in their faces since the three groups didn’t average their data out as they were supposed to do in the first place.

Kudos Marine Science Coastal Methods Fall 2010 class, you students (except my group, since we figured out how to edit the spreadsheet into a format where Minitab can read properly) are probably the stupidest Marine Science students to have ever set foot in the department.

These are the “future Marine Scientists”. Lazy and ignorant. Rejecting to use an awesome tool (Google Docs). And just plain STUPID!

And oh, instead of calming down the class or trying to understand the master-spreadsheet, that one professor was indirectly pointing the fingers at the “DATAGUYS”. Sweet, guess that explains why these “future Marine Scientists” are so dumb.

Everyone in the Marine Science department hates me more now. I usually don’t care about what people thing about me but this incident just bothered me the whole of yesterday and today.

I practically did EVERYTHING for the class and all I got were stupid responses. And the fact that the professors didn’t even TRY to calm the class down and that one professor indirectly pointing the blame on me and Sean just makes me really really angry, and a little bit upset.

tl;dr? Most students in the Marine Science Coastal Methods Fall 2010 class are dumbasses. Professors didn’t help and one of the professors is an asshole.

Go f*ck yourselves, dumbasses! Google Image.


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