I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

Cassidy! September 11, 2010

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First time I bonded with Cassidy during a Kaumana Drive Baptist Church Young Adult trip at KMEC!

I hate Hilo now. People come and go way too often in Hilo. First Jason, then Nickles and the Knocks, then Pawl (my sweet sweet Pawl!), then the Tuckers (they took the baby along with them *cries*), now Cassidy?! Not to mention all those exchange students and semester missionaries and freshman year close friends! Sigh.

I hope she’ll succeed in the future in doing whatever she plans to do and also to get an awesome score in her MCAT!

Four days ago on Monday, it was a public holiday (Labor Day, I know, weird huh?) and we (me, Cassidy, Jon, and Zach) decided to go SCUBA diving on the other side of the island since Cassidy will be leaving the Big Island pretty soon (today actually, at 2:30pm).

Fun time with fun people. Just couldn’t stand Zach’s condescending remarks about me. Kinda funny though because he doesn’t like people doing that to him but he always, always does that to other people.

Anyways, we went to Honaunau to dive at the famous Two-Step. I think I’ve posted about this place before last summer when me, Sean, and Pawl went to the same place to dive. Really cool dive. Saw more fishes this time. Will post up some underwater pictures when Zach and Cassidy uploads them on Facebook. Beautiful dive 🙂 Didn’t see anything fun but least we got to see a moray eel!

Then we did our second dive at the Pier three hours after we got out from the water at our first dive. Cassidy gave a really lame excuse and decided NOT to dive with us. She lame 😦 Really really shallow dive. Saw one of the most beautiful fish I’ve ever seen in my life!

The beautiful Flame Angel Fish!

Ain’t it beautiful? Really shy fish though 🙂 I hope Jon got a good picture of the one we saw!

This Kona (the other side of the Big Island) trip wasn’t the best. I know I know, partly my fault but still, I got to hang out and SCUBA dive with Cassidy before she left 🙂 I think she’s now in Honolulu with her dad.

Some SCUBA pictures (underwater ones will be on here when the camera people decide to upload their pictures on Facebook =.=):

Getting ready at Honaunau. I lost my bendana during the dive :/

Before the Pier dive. Supposed to be a "serious"-faced picture. From left: Me, Jon, Zach.

That's what buddies are for! Help keep you balanced when you're putting on your fins during a shore dive!

I know, I know, I'm fat :/ Don't have to remind me. From left: Cassidy, Jon, Zach, and me.

Was a good day. Fellowshipped and memories instilled in brain forever, and ever!


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