I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

Hypocrite. September 20, 2010

Filed under: General — ithinkishouldkillmyself @ 2:45 am

Everyone’s a hypocrite. Saying that you’re not one makes you one. Unless you’re REALLY REALLY not hypocritical to the people around you AND true to yourself, then I’m sorry for saying the sentence before this.

I admit, I’m a huge hypocrite. It’s HARD not to be one.  Humans are selective in everything we do.

Take the Ground Zero Mosque for instance. The USA is a country build on freedom and yet Americans are going against this project on building a mosque close to Ground Zero where the September 11th, 2001 attacks happened. Land of the free? Sure, selective freedom.

Same case in Malaysia. We have the freedom of speech and yet we can be put in jail for questioning directly or indirectly Article 153 of the Constitution which includes the special privileges of the Malay people.

How about our friends and family members? They’re all hypocrites too. At least mine are.

I’m not trying to point fingers at anybody, just trying to say that it’s really, really difficult to NOT be hypocritical :/ .

But there’s a difference between being dumb and being a hypocrite. Now, both of these get on my nerves but being dumb AND hypocritical?! Gosh! I slap you!

I know, sometimes I can be both too. I slap myself 😦

PS: Am I mixing up irony and hypocrisy? Argh!


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