I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

I. Hate. School. September 21, 2010

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Phew! Got done with my Geology exam this morning. Feeling so much better than last night. Was playing Heroes of Newerth anyways will 1am xD

Next class? Physical Oceanography :/ I guess we’ll be getting back out first “mid-term” results in twenty minutes. That class and Coastal Methods FREAK me out all the time! I’m worried :/

Both these classes are so unorganized and it worries me. And so much unneeded dramas in Coastal Methods! Somehow, I’m the person who always get the blame :/

Last week on Monday, my Coastal Methods class went out to Honolii (a popular surf place on this side of the island) to gather some data. Do you know how unorganized and annoying this trip was? It was BRUTAL! The procedure handout asked us to collect water samples from different stations and then to collect several types of data from those water samples (eg. temperature and salinity) using a YSI probe (Google YSI to know what the device is for). That procedure is in like the second page of the handout.

Guess what? We were supposed to get data for Dissolved Oxygen from each water samples using the YSI probe but we didn’t do it since it was stated AT THE BACK OF THE HANDOUT IN PAGE 5! I even asked my professor in front of 8-10 students on whether we need to record down anymore data other than the temperature and the salinity of the water samples. He said no (and to just make note on the weather and poop like that). I only realized that we needed the YSI reading of the DO AFTER going through 5 FRIGGING WATER SAMPLE STATIONS!

Then this girl was like “Yah, we need the YSI DO reading. You didn’t know that?” Excuse me missy, we were collecting data IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE, you could have just REMINDED the data collectors.

Why did I get indirectly blamed this time? Because I was the data recorder. D’oh!

One professor to run this fieldtrip? Not a good idea. Scrap this frigging class before someone commits suicide because of the stupid unneeded dramas and stress! No, not talking about me. I KILL nooblets on HoN 🙂

Physical Oceanography? A waste of time >.< ‘Nuff said!

I thought school would be better AFTER Organic Chemistry and Physics. I guess I’m wrong.


2 Responses to “I. Hate. School.”

  1. Patrick Says:

    ithinkishoudkillmyself –
    If you want to get a “close” DO reading for the values that you recorded temp and salinity for you can view the oxygen solubility table from YSI.
    Simply find the temp reading in the column on the left, go across the sailinity row at the top to find the closest salinity reading and then go down that column until you get the value of DO for the salinity and temp…


  2. Hey Patrick,

    Thanks a lot for the link. I’ll let my professors know about this.

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