I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

I complain a lot. SO? September 28, 2010

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Check THIS out.

A friend of my who I’ve known since I was young from church made a desperate attempt on trying to be different on my status update on Facebook.

First of all, who is he to be asking me to stop complaining and to do something? I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to seat back and complain all I want. It makes me look like a jerk but what can I do? Carry signs and demonstrate?

According to that guy, NO! We have to think of a DIFFERENT way to solve this huge racial tension political issue in Malaysia! That word, “different”, really bothers me when a person who was in Grace Youth (now known as Youth Alive, is the youth group in my church back in Malaysia) uses it excessively! Most of them don’t know when to stop using the word “different”! Makes them look like they’re desperate for attention, which I suspect is why most of these former Grace Youth goers are trying to be “different” in the first place.

On top of the “empty” advice he tried to instill in me (and probably indirectly to my other Malaysian friends who commented or liked my status update), he uses his own version of 1337 to type out his two cents. Oh my. Why do I even bother making a point to this fool who sees my posting of this Facebook status update to be similar to what the Malay Supremacy NGO (Perkasa) is doing.

That’s not all, ladies and gentlemen (or ghost readers xD). He even admits that he isn’t doing anything to help/try to make change/a difference in this matter. Well, I assumed that’s the case since he wrote “Certainly, i aint c0mplaining or m0cking like hw u do..” after asking him what has he done to “solve” anything.

Now, how can I make a “huge-ass” assumption like that just from “Certainly, i aint c0mplaining or m0cking like hw u do..” you ask? First of all, he’s in the same boat as me in terms of our opinions do not matter to anyone with power. So I’m pretty sure that “Certainly, i aint c0mplaining or m0cking like hw u do..” means “I’m actually Not doing anything.” Secondly, he’s worse than me when it comes to making a point clearly (super bad…. suuuuupppppeeerrr baaadddd) plus, as mentioned above, his crappy “1337” lingo doesn’t help at all. Thirdly, from past experiences with him, most of the stuff he say don’t make sense to me and are usually to kiss-ass, which I must admit I do that sometimes (especially to my Bhutanese friend). Come on, it’s a fair assumption, right?

He’s actually a really nice guy. But oh my goodness, I just had to share this with whoever reads my blog on how foolish some nice people can be.


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