I. Think. I. Should. KILL. Myself.

Someone once said "You can either sulk over the spilt milk or pour yourself another cup." I choose to do both because life is boring without sulking and whining.

Oh jyeah! December 15, 2010

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Ladies and gentlemen, I’m finally done with Physical Oceanography, Chemistry, and mothereffing Coastal Methods.

That means no more standardized Chemistry exams, no more dealing with stupid people in class/groups, and hopefully no more ancient professors!

To everyone who made my semester miserable, eff you mothereffers!

I rock and you suck bawls!


Fall 2010 December 12, 2010

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This semester went by super quick. The days were long but the weeks were short. I hated most of my classes and hated most of my classmates in those classes. Fall 2010 was an eye opener to me on how dumb some people can be and how you can be screwed because of favoritism.

Fall 2010 was not fun at all. I wasted way too much of my time in a class that achieving an A is close to impossible since I have an idiot in my group and we (the class) were expected to know stuff for NEW topics/assignments which resulted in really bad assignment grades.

I didn’t accomplish much in Fall 2010. I wanted to play drums for BCM’s praise and worship team but the worship leader kept having practices on a day that I cannot show up. Plus, some of his arrangements on songs are kinda lame. And most of time he wanted a djembe player, not a drummer. I like playing the djembe but I really wanted to play the drums.

Super long hours in class and lab made me miss P90X a lot. It was supposed to be a workout for me to go for free and I couldn’t make it at all. Except for two days. This sucks. Also, weekend soccer is getting boring since we don’t have any regulars to count on to show up. It’s always driving all the way to University Heights Park and waiting for people till 4pm then leaving that place just to come home to disappointment since I always look forward to soccer.

I wanted to volunteer more in the Marine Science department but I just cannot stand the mini politics in that place. I really wanted to join the marine mammal response network but I’m not thick-skinned to be able to ignore whatever crappy moments that happened in my class due to the coordinators of this network.

But thank God for motivating times during Fall 2010 like when Paul came to visit, playing non-raging games of HoN, playing soccer when people DID show up, the visit from Nickles, and the enjoyable moments with my housemates.

Overall, Fall 2010 was a bittersweet semester. Mostly bitter though. I do not want to relive this period of my life if I had a chance to go back through time. Fall 2010 is the crappiest semester yet.

Now, finals. Argh! The horror!

And oh, I’m still single. Gosh.


Oh boy… December 4, 2010

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I’ve come to a conclusion that a couple of my group members in my crappy Marine Science class just cannot write at all. I know I don’t write that well but these guys, oh my goodness, bad bad bad.

Now I know why I got a B+ in my stats class instead of an A. It’s because of group members like these guys who cannot do anything properly.

How do you confront these jokers though? Saying that they can’t write straight up is rude and offering my time and energy to write a whole section of a group project is not going to happen (I’m lazy and it’s a GROUP project).

Screw these fools. I don’t feel like taking a class next semester because of a dumbass from my group.

Oh my goodness, I hate these people >.<

I hate all of these group projects. Screw this crap. I’m ready for the semester to end. I hope there won’t be group projects next semester.


Sigh. November 22, 2010

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A professor from my Coastal Methods class posted an announcement on our class’s web portal about a complaint made by a “concerned citizen” to the school after seeing one of my classmates standing on the coral with “3 foot long fins” while collecting data for their final project.

Alright, I hate this class. I hate some of my classmates (all of them are douchebags) and one of the professors. But this complaint made to my school is dumb. Some of them are dumbasses but I’m pretty sure they don’t STAND on a frigging coral head.

That “concerned citizen” is probably a dumbass hippy. They are Marine Science students! I know people make mistakes but I’m pretty sure my classmates who were collecting data didn’t stand on a coral head (or whatever coral thingy machig). Thank you so much, dumbass “concerned citizen.” You have now added more unneeded drama in this frigging class. Thanks a lot! Now go smoke some pot and screw yourself.

This “concerned citizen” even threatened to take pictures to send it to the newspaper agency here but not revealing his/her identity. WOW. Dear “concerned citizen,” please stop making dumbass complaints like this. You ruined what’s left of the dignity of the Marine Science department. The department didn’t need that. Grrr.

If someone really did stand on a coral of some sort, I really hope it’s that pretentious douchebag who looks and sounds fake all the time. Maybe now we can frigging call him an idiot openly to his face.

My Chemistry lab partner tried talking to me last Friday night on Facebook. He gave me the cold shoulder earlier that day before entering the classroom. He really needs to stop acting like a wise guy and admit that everyone’s life is different and he should compare any aspects of it to what he’s facing now because the words that come out from his mouth makes him sound like a dumbass and are just plain douchbaggery.

Dear Chemistry lab partner, you’ve already graduated with a degree. What the heck are you still doing in school? You keep saying that the classes you’re taking now will help you gain knowledge and enhance your resume for future use but you also keep complaining about having too much stress from school. I understand that you’re going through some crappy times now with stress from school and family. However, you shouldn’t behave like a 14 years old kid. You don’t have to be a jerk and throw random mini-tantrums when you’re around me. If you don’t like me answering your questions, don’t ask me. I try helping you but you don’t listen to me and keep interrupting me, trying to tell me what you know which don’t really make sense at all. I’m always ready to help you but it’s up to you if you want to listen to me. If you don’t like me, don’t talk to me. I don’t really give a damn now about our “friendship.” You’re no more the nice guy when I first met you. You’re now an asshole, a lowlife who doesn’t want to stop to take time to think on how to manage your feelings. I’m so glad that I don’t have to take another class with you. Maybe I shouldn’t have offered to be your lab partner in the first place. I never thought that you would sink this low.

And oh. STOP LEAVING THE LAB TO GO OUT TO SMOKE. You’re not the only one stressing out about school. It’s really annoying when you exit the lab and come back after me and Dara complete our sample analyses and then asking us what we did.

It’s going to be an awkward day today. First a talk with my Chemistry lab partner, then to Coastal Methods class.

Fall 2010 = Crappy.


Picture Galore! November 21, 2010

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So I met this girl from an International Student Association (ISA) event in my first semester here in UHH. She’s from Bhutan. Wait. Where’s Bhutan you ask? Google it, dumbasses.

And then we took Organic Chemistry together last school year. Then we started studying together in the second semester of Organic Chemistry with another friend of hers who is from Brazil.

They’re names are Kunzang and Dara and their awesome. Kinda. Maybe ok friends. I don’t know. xD

Me, Dara, and Kunzang.

Me, Kunzang, and Dara.

My favorite 🙂

There are actually more pictures of us but I’m lazy to link all of them. I’m kinda hungry now too.


Gloves. November 4, 2010

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Infamous nitrile glove used

Everyone who has been in a higher education (or some high schools) science lab should know what nitrile gloves are. They kinda protect your hands from harmful (eg. caustic) chemicals and protect your samples from being “defiled” by whatever is on your fingers when handling the samples.

Cool right?

But since I started using these gloves, skin on my finger tips start peeling off. So I hate using them in both my Chemistry and Marine Science lab now. To be honest, we don’t really need gloves with the chemicals we’re handling in both these labs since it’s always smart to wash your hands with soap right after labs.

(It won’t be a Jonathan blog entry without rants! Get READY!)

Some people trust these gloves way too much! It’s crazy! Drives me nuts!!!!!

Like when we were using some form of cyanide in our Chemistry lab. I know it’s dangerous and all but it was in a clean dry glass container (forgot whether it was a beaker or Erlenmeyer flask). After carrying out an analytical test on it, I passed it to my lab partner (who came late to lab on that day) to clean the glass container since he offered to help. He wasn’t using any gloves and he grabbed the container containing the cyanide sample and THEN asking me what’s in the glass container. I told him it had the cyanide sample in it and he got upset at me at passing him the container without his gloves on! And then he went on and on and on about how I’m gonna eat a sandwich using my fingers after the lab with cyanide on my fingers. I’m like WTF 0.0

Also, earlier this evening in my Marine Science lab, my group and another group had to plot a standard silica curve (spectrophotometry >.<) to determine how much silica is present in our samples collected for our final project. This bitch I kept making me and my friend to wear gloves to handle not-so-harmful chemicals. When we finally made our standard solutions, we started reading the absorbance values from a spectrophotometer but the absorbance values were different from last week (or from what it’s supposed to read, at least close to the value). Guess what? First thing that bitch said was it’s because of us not wearing gloves 0.0 I’m like WTF?!

I did screw up a standard solution but we fixed that. SO SHE BLAMES US FOR NOT WEARING GLOVES 0.0

Yeap, gotta wear the rubber… Don’t wanna ruin anything.

Coastal Methods Fall 2010 = Backstabbing class. Nobody is a true friend. You may try as hard as you can, but it’s so difficult being a true friend in that class. Especially to them two face bitches.


I facepalm myself now. October 26, 2010

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Argh! I screwed up my group today by doing a really bad job in the introduction section of my group’s proposal presentation earlier today in my coastal methods class. *cries* I wasn’t freaking out till it was our turn to present. And it got worse when Google Docs jammed the weakass computer system in that Marine Science Building computer lab. SO SORRY GUYS! 😦

I also facepalm myself for accidentally knocking down a potted plant at the tutoring center earlier today at the start of the group meeting before our presentation.

But the most facepalm event of the day was when my lab partner, who is also (in my understanding) the “boss” of the tutors at the tutoring center, acted as a jerk/douchebag. He had valid reason to do so though.

Some soil from the potted plant got onto the carpet at the tutoring center. since my group members were there to discuss and work on our proposal paper and presentation, I said I’ll clean the mess I made after going over some stuff with my group.

Guess what Mr. Tutor Boss said to me?

“I heard you knocked down my plant. When you make a mess in life you don’t expect someone to clean up after you.”


WTF?! He’s comparing soil on carpet, to mess in REAL LIFE! :O:O:O And he was being a bitch about it too! I told him that I’m having a meeting with my group and that I’ll CLEAN IT AFTER I GET DONE WITH THE IMPORTANT STUFF.

But NOOOOOO. Mr. Tutor Boss wants it done NOW.

He even had the guts (which I think was NOT sincere at all) to say that he’s “sorry for being a jerk just now.” I replied, “Yes [insert name here], you were being a jerk just now. I’m having a group meeting if you can’t see.”

Funny how when you get to know someone better in life it just disappoints you when most of them are complete jerks. First impression – nice person. Hang out for awhile – decent friend. Take a class together – WTF IS THIS IDIOT DOING/SAYING?!

Key phrase: MOST OF THEM.

So yeah, I not only have to deal with the people I dislike the most this Wednesday when we go out for sample collection for our final project in coastal methods, I now have to deal with an older, immature lab partner tomorrow and on Thursday.

Fall 2010 = Misery. This makes me appreciate and to treasure the good moments with good friends more.

Rather have good friends than jerks called “friends”.